Ecobank group launches new brand identity

February 6, 2009

Ecobank group has unveiled its new brand strategy and corporate identity. The new logo symbolizes a new phase in Ecobank’s development, which the bank intends to improve on and focus much more on customer service, efficiency, productivity and performance.

The group’s new logo embodies the history of Ecobank as a pioneering institution. The stylized and forward leaning ‘k’ symbolizes a “torch” lighting the way ahead. It underscores Ecobank’s unwavering commitment to Africa and its belief in the future of the African continent.

According to a press statement, the bank’s group CEO Arnold Ekpe said “the torch will guide and show the way to an even brighter and better future not only for Ecobank but also for Africa.”

The banks Group Chairman Mandé Sidibe observed that the bank’s new logo builds on its history over the last 20 years of combining a dedication to building a world class African bank with a commitment to contributing to the development of Africa.

Ekpe notes that “this dual mission has guided Ecobank’s strategy of expansion across Middle Africa and its efforts to take banking to the average African even in countries where others have not wished to go. Together we have built Ecobank into the leading bank in Africa in terms of geographical presence.”

According to the Group Brand &Communication Director Richard Uku, “the new logo is a powerful symbol of the commitment and dedication of every Ecobanker to building a world class African bank and our belief in Ecobank as the premier institution for a new Africa.”

Ecobank operates in 26 African countries.


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January 29, 2009

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